Kentucky Lake to New Johnsonville TN, Mile 3770 to 3847, Day 196-197

October 2 – 3

Alice and Tim joined us for the next part of the trip to Joe Wheeler State Park. This section would be heading south on the Tennessee River – which is upriver. Our next stop was Pebble Isle Marina, near New Johnsonville, TN. We left about 7am with cloudy skies and a SE wind. Dams on the Tennessee River form Kentucky Lake – a very large recreational area which includes Lake Barkley and the ‘Land Between the Lakes’. On Monday morning, there wasn’t much recreational traffic – mainly fisherman catching bass at 60 mph and a few tows. The wind created some waves on the Lake, but they seemed inconsequential compared to some of the conditions we’d seen.

Dawn breaks over Green Turtle Bay Marina

The US Hwy 79 Bridge, looking north. The little white speck under the bridge is Observer.

After some drizzle (and what seemed like a long day!), we arrived at Trace Creek and the entrance to the Pebble Isle Marina. The water level has been so low, that we double-checked the depths with the marina before entering the creek. The creek entrance had plenty of water for us. We headed to the fuel dock for diesel and pump-out, with little extra depth to spare. After fueling – and adding weight! – we moved the boat to the transient dock after bumping the bottom. A little less depth here. This area is lovely, and the creek is a pretty backdrop – it will be gorgeous when the leaves start to turn.

View from Pebble Isle, looking toward the entrance channel. Great folks, lovely view, and rocking cinnamon buns in the morning…!

Tuesday evening – road trip to Smarder’s Grille with Tim, Alice, Chris & Amy (Imagine This). Smarder’s is a southern roadhouse with a big menu and southern cooking – good catfish and southern-style vegetables there. We chatted about Loop experiences over dinner, and returned in the courtesy car. Full bellies; time to turn in!

Mileage Today: 66.8 nautical

Trip Duration: 7.8 hours (moving time)

Loop Miles: 3847.0 miles

Estimated Loop Completion: 71.2%

Segments Completed: Okeechobee Waterway, Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway, Chesapeake Bay, Delaware Bay, North Atlantic Ocean, Hudson River, Erie Canal, Oswego Canal, Lake Ontario, Trent Severn Waterway, Georgian Bay, North Channel, Lake Michigan, Illinois River, Mississippi River, Ohio River

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  1. Reading you log and trying to soak it all in. We are hoping to buy a Kadey Krogen in Paducah Ky and starting the loop abventure south In November.

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