Bobby’s Fish Camp to Tensaw River, Mile 4465 – 4547, Day 225

October 31

We were excited to get through the Coffeeville Lock for several reasons – it was the last lock on our Loop, it returned us to salt water, and effectively completed our Tenn-Tom trip. We’d enter the Black Warrior – Tombigbee and head for the Mobile River.

Once again, the lock was full of pleasure craft headed south. The lockmaster was very professional, and we were quickly through…and did a happy dance! We’d be glad to put away our big inflatable fenders! We spent a long day on the water, winding down the bends of the river. As we got closer to Mobile, we saw more tows – but the river is fairly wide through here, and there was little trouble passing them. The terrain became less forested… marshier. We started to see cypress trees along the banks.

At last, we reached the Tensaw River, just north of Mobile. It’s too narrow for tow traffic (and out of the way), but perfect for anchoring – a little current (so a stern anchor isn’t needed), plenty of depth (20 feet), lots of room for many boats to anchor along the shore line. Tougher for dog-owners, though – not many places to take a dog ashore.

Gail and Dave from At Last came over for docktails, and we celebrated the last of the locks and our return to salt water. We spent a peaceful night here – so quiet.

Finishing Coffeeville. Photo courtesy of Resolute.

Passing a tow. Because of the Tenn-Tom’s uniform lock size, many tows are smaller, so that splits aren’t as frequent.

Marsh and cypress trees begin to dominate the waterside landscape.

Mileage Today: 71.8 nautical

Trip Duration: 8.0 hours (moving time)

Loop Miles: 4547.4 miles

Estimated Loop Completion: 82.7%

Segments Completed: Okeechobee Waterway, Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway, Chesapeake Bay, Delaware Bay, North Atlantic Ocean, Hudson River, Erie Canal, Oswego Canal, Lake Ontario, Trent Severn Waterway, Georgian Bay, North Channel, Lake Michigan, Illinois River, Mississippi River, Ohio River, Tennessee River, Tennessee-Tombigbee, Black Warrior – Tombigbee

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