Bashi Creek AL to Bobbys Fish Camp, Mile 4439 – 4465, Day 224

October 30

There was very heavy fog in the morning, that delayed our departure – we couldn’t see across the river. We finally left the creek about 8am as visibility started to improve. We had planned a very long day, and the fog was limiting not only the time we had available to travel, but our speed as well. We wanted to get through the Coffeeville Lock and into the Black Warrior – Tombigbee today.

Hour Plan in the morning fog. Photo courtesy of Resolute.

There was a barge in the lock, and another on the way – the boat in our group that contacted the lock initially reported a 1 ½ hour wait. Several of us pulled into the dock at Bobby’s Fish Camp to wait it out, and maybe have lunch. Several boats managed to jump a turn in the lock in a half-hour or so, but by then Pat, Pete, Jim and I had decided to hang at Bobby’s to have dinner.

Bobby’s is an institution here – the tows, pleasure craft, and fisherman all know it. It’s situated on an isolated section of the river, and consists of a few cottages, some camp sites, the restaurant, the floating dock and the fuel dock. The docks are subject to wake produced by anything moving on the river. There is limited power available, no services, and boats are often rafted together. Everyone gets charged the same price per foot – even if they’re rafted to someone else, and have no power.

Decorations at Bobby’s Fish Camp Restaurant.

As the afternoon wore-on, other boats joined – Jacques, At Last, Hummingbird, Andiamo. Sally, the cook, would be in at 4:30 to cook for us at about 5:30. There were 13 for dinner… on a night that Bobby’s ‘wasn’t open’. Sally’s daughter-in-law entertained us singing some wonderful Etta James tunes. A memorable stay at Bobby’s!

Hummingbird, Hour Plan, Resolute, Jacques (rafted to Resolute), and Andiamo docked at Bobby’s.

Mileage Today: 22.5 nautical

Trip Duration: 2.5 hours (moving time)

Loop Miles: 4464.7 miles

Estimated Loop Completion: 82.7%

Segments Completed: Okeechobee Waterway, Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway, Chesapeake Bay, Delaware Bay, North Atlantic Ocean, Hudson River, Erie Canal, Oswego Canal, Lake Ontario, Trent Severn Waterway, Georgian Bay, North Channel, Lake Michigan, Illinois River, Mississippi River, Ohio River, Tennessee River

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