Little River SC, Sep 26 – 29, ICW 346.2

We spent a quiet morning in Southport, waiting for the tide to turn. Glad the marina didn’t try to get us off the dock by a certain time! We had an hour to travel to the first shallow water and low tide was at 5:30am. We had to wait for enough water to return with the tide in order to transit the shallow spots. And deal with the current.

The Corps of Engineers hydrologic surveys became a true godsend for moving through the NC portion of the ICW. This time, we entered the ACOE waypoints into our GPS, and followed them through…. We weren’t sure how accurate they were in relation to Hour Plan’s GPS feed, but we had opportunities to check them during the day. Some of the shallow water shown by these charts would be really intimidating without them. This one, for Lockwoods Folly Inlet, shows that boats sometimes have to deviate from the ICW to find deep enough water. The ACOE apparently doesn’t have the funding to keep these areas dredged – so more recreational boaters may head ‘outside’ (into the ocean) to get up/down the coast.

ACOE survey of Lockwoods Folly Inlet. The red areas are shallow water; white areas are beach. The ICW is the colored strip (bounded in black) running across the top.

After we negotiated our way through Lockwoods Folly, we began to see some familiar sights.

Sunset Beach. We shared part of Jen & Dave’s family vacation here.

The restaurants at Calabash NC, seen from the Inlet.

A shrimp boat that missed the Creek entrance.

This spot needs a ‘Welcome to South Carolina!’ sign!

These take you nowhere – so that you can lose your shirt there.

We are staying at the Myrtle Beach Yacht Club in Little River, SC for a couple of days. This allows us to catch up on a few things and plan out the next few days to get us to Charleston. Upcoming – the Rockpile, shallows in McClellanville and Isle of Palms, and current in Charleston.

One thought on “Little River SC, Sep 26 – 29, ICW 346.2

  1. The photo of the map was interesting…and aren’t you thankful for the lines showing you where the ICW actually is! Glad you chose the Myrtle Beach Yacht Club for that area. Our choice, Osprey Marina (I think) was out in the middle of nowhere….good, but you couldn’t go anywhere or see anything if you didn’t have transportation.

    I didn’t recall anything about a joint vacation with Jen’s inlaws….how was that???

    Love your photos…thanks again. Mickie

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